eBay and Marketplace Sellers

Do you sell on eBay and/or other Marketplaces and want to ship to Russia & CIS fast, cheap and safe?



Brands & Retailers

Want to capitalize on one of the world’s fastest growing markets?



Logistics Companies

Are your customers asking about shipping to Russia and you want to open up a new channel?


Who we are

Rusify, a subsidiary of Chicago-based BayRu, LLC, gives all US merchants the chance to easily, inexpensively and quickly ship goods to Russian consumers. Rusify’s 120 strong team uses more than 8 years of experience to help merchants with shipping costs estimates, export compliance, fulfillment and customer care.

The Rusify platform has shipped more than 500,000 items to consumers in more than 10,000 cities throughout Russia and the former Soviet Union. In addition to shipping services, Rusify offers US merchants Russian marketing agency services and market entry/penetration consulting services.

What we offer

  • Delivery to Russia, Ukraine, & CIS
  • 24/7 Russian speaking customer service
  • Guaranteed Customs Clearance
  • Exclusive Dostami Express
  • Fraud Management Consulting
  • Universal Tracking System
  • Zero Integration
  • Competition analysis
  • Market entry consulting
  • Shipping audit
  • Audit + benchmarking
  • Full insurance available

How it works

  1. Seller receives an order from a customer in Russia or CIS
  2. Seller processes the order internally
  3. Seller ships to the Rusify hub in Chicago with unique order id
  4. Rusify processes the order
  5. Rusify ships, clears customs, and delivers directly to your customer

The White Paper

Download free white paper on international Shipping Struggles and Solutions


  • "We’ve been extremely pleased with the way our previous packages were delivered with Rusify, we would like to start shipping more via your service!  Thanks again."
  • "By using Rusify shipping services we have been able to include Russia as a shipping option again on our site.  Now I don't have to cancel these orders and lose revenue."
  • "Thanks again for such great service. It's been difficult to find reliable and affordable shipping to Russia. Your company has solved all the hassles and red tape that are involved in government postal services. I will be long time customer."